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Biographie When decorating your garden, a folding saw is definitely an indispensable tool. A folding saw is one of the most practical multipurpose tools you can bring into the bush. It can be used to clear brush, build a shelter, saw through bone, or cut wood to size for a stove (to name just a few uses).

Because of how many uses a folding saw has, I recommend it over other tools like a survival axe. Since folding saws are lightweight but do such a better job than hand saws or knives, they are worth carrying in your pack. In the garden, in the woods, on building sites, and even occasionally while travelling, tree saws can be an indispensable companion. There is one for every purpose.

For green wood outside, one should always use a coarse-toothed saw. In a saw with fine teeth, the wet sawdust sticks between the teeth and the saw quickly becomes too clogged up to cut. For dry wood a saw with fine teeth is best. Dry soft woods can to some extent be cut with a coarse-toothed saw, but with dry hardwoods and bamboo, a fine-toothed saw is absolutely recommended.

Another useful tool, hedge shears look a lot like giant scissors with their long pair of straight blades. Their design lends itself to cutting as much of a plant as possible in one single sweep. When you use hedge shears to trim your bushes, they will create long sharp edges on anything you cut. This makes them perfect for maintaining rectangular-shaped hedges.

However, hedge shears are not great at shaping bushes and plants with strong wooden branches. Since hedge shears are better suited for cutting softer stems, attempting to use them on harder types of wood will result in damage to the blades. It will also yield imperfect cuts on the plant.

Hedge shears can be somewhat limited by what they can cut, working mainly on soft, non-woody stems. You should not underestimate how useful they are though. As hedge shears can cut plants so quickly, they are one of the main tools that every budding gardener should own.

Hedge shears are perfect for maintaining straight-edged hedges.

As previously mentioned, hedge shears are great for cutting long, straight lines. Their design makes them ideal for trimming geometric designs and straight lines to create "boxy" shapes.

If you want to prune your hedging and prefer long, artificial designs, hedge shears are great for the job. As these large plant scissors can cut long straight lines in one single motion, a professional gardener shaping a bush will be done in no time at all.

However, if you prefer more rounded, natural-looking hedges, you should avoid using hedge shears. It will be near impossible to achieve a rounded finish with these long, straight blades.

Besides, there are some other tools you may used for gardening, such as Loppers, Pruner Saw and Pruner Shears
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